who we are.

Welcome to Mom’s and Me’s.

Who are we?

We are a homeschooling  mom and her 3 kids. We specialize in unique accessories, photographs and one of kinds items.

How did  we come to be?

Mom’s and Me’s started as a joint venture between Angela and Marisa to sell custom jewelry.  It was started  because of Marisa’s desire to earn money for herself. It grew out of the kids’ involvement with 4-H’s entrepreneurship project area. It has changed and grown to include Jered and Matt.

What do we do?

Angela (the mom), is a multimedia jewelry artist and altered photographic  artist.

Marisa is photographer, altered photographic  artist,  and sometimes jewelry artist.

Jered is a photographer, graphic word artist  and sometimes card maker.

Matt is a print maker, leather worker and multi media artist in training.

Each of us has own page on this site. Come on in and see what we are working on..