New Stuff

October 30, 2017

We have been busy around here. Coasters, necklaces and more. Marbled focal bead, crystal and glass beads Length about 20 inches $25 set of 5 size 3 3/4″ round leather coasters backed with cork $25

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Missouri State Fair and other things

September 4, 2017

Both Matt and Marisa were part of the 2017 Missouri State Fair again this year. Matt had his graphic greeting card on display at the Missouri State Fair. Matt also was invited to present his Exploring Suminagashi Working demonstration. Matt Working on his Suminagashi print at the Missouri State Fair. Marisa had her notebook on […]

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Come See us

July 1, 2017

Come Have some fun on July 15th!

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A fun Fundraising piece

April 3, 2017

I have admired Terri Cournoyer’s work so I asked if she would be open to doing a fundraiser piece or two. I am privileged to say that she said yes. Our first collaboration will be an unfinished bull terrier head for the BTCA Junior’s fundraiser March 30-April 9. I will be marbling this head in […]

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visting the Market

August 13, 2016

Matt and I have been setting up at the Independence, Mo Farmers Market. It has been an interesting experience. We learned that getting there early is only necessary if you want a decent slot. We have made a few mistakes but have learned to celebrate the small sales. We enjoy our time at the market […]

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obsession in leather

August 7, 2016

Matt is somewhat obsessed with marbling, especially when it comes to doing it on leather. He tried suminagashi on leather. The leather paints floated beautifully but did not transfer to the leather. Ebru ( or Turkish marbling) does do a great job transfering to leather. So here are our latest projects a wallet a key […]

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July 26, 2016

Suminagashi is something that Matt wants to try to do. Matt and I really enjoy Turkish marbling (Ebru). We both learned a lot from this video. We’ll let you know when we do this and how it turns out. We really enjoyed CrystalShaulis’ video: We found it to be most helpful.

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Finding time to create

July 16, 2016

Life happens. As the kids have become young adults, we, as a family, struggle to find the time to create the things that we like to do. As life becomes busier, here are a couple of things that I have found to be helpful: 1. Google Calendar- I use this from menu planning to planning […]

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The Market is open

June 10, 2016

Hey come see us at the Independence Market this Saturday. Matt and I will be there from 9-1. We would love to see you!

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let us design the perfect accessory for you

February 5, 2011

  We are a momĀ  and 3 kids. We do custom jewelry, unique photographs and more. Let us help you  

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