Finding time to create

Life happens. As the kids have become young adults, we, as a family, struggle to find the time to create the things that we like to do. clocks-1098080_1920

As life becomes busier, here are a couple of things that I have found to be helpful:

1. Google Calendar- I use this from menu planning to planning my to-do list. Best of all it’s free. To use this as a menu planner- Create a recurring event. Since I plan brunches on the weekends and I plan for the same things for breakfasts/lunches, this leaves only dinners to plan weekly. I have created events for breakfast/lunches this way if I need to plan for a special breakfast or lunch, I can. You can make a menu like tacos or spaghetti repeat.
I can also schedule deadlines for clients or blog post. The possibilities are endless.

2. Pinterest: inspiration- I like to follow boards and find materials this way. When looking at materials for a project then I pin things I need or want to try. I also use it to keep track of tutorials this way. Again the possibilities are endless.
These 2 things help me to find more time in my busy life to create things- Angela

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