Missouri State Fair and other things

Both Matt and Marisa were part of the 2017 Missouri State Fair again this year. Matt had his graphic greeting card on display at the Missouri State Fair. Matt also was invited to present his Exploring Suminagashi Working demonstration.

Matt Working on his Suminagashi print at the Missouri State Fair.

Marisa had her notebook on Norwegian Folktales and her photo of a spring crocus flower selected to be on display in the 4-H building at the 2017 Missouri State Fair.

Marisa showing off her photograph on display at the Missouri State Fair.

Matt and I have been doing monthly classes on leather marbling at our local Tandy Leather Store. We have been having a lot of fun doing these classes. Look for our marbled leather items in our shop in the coming weeks.

A leather journal cover that Matt marbled at the July 9th class at Tandy Leather.

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