who we are.

marbled leather coaster
Welcome to Momsandmes.
Momsandmes was started by Angela, Marisa, Jered, and Matthew Brown as part of the family’s 4-H experience.
Marisa came up with the name as a young girl.
Marisa and Jered are not active but still have downloadable products in our shop.
Matthew and Angela actively marble and teach marbling locally. Marbling is a technique that produces 1 print that can not be duplicated.
They use the ancient technique of marbling to produce one of kind art.
They do paper, fabric, glass, metal, wood, and leather. Each material requires a different type of marbling. Each item made is a one of kind creation,
So with a wide variety of materials and paints, there is never the same creation.
Let us make your next piece of art.

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