Causes that we support

As a family, we have always supported various non-profits.
The kids have grown up with me volunteering in some form or fashion.
Over the years I have volunteered for MOPS, Home Business Alliance, and various other causes.

A component of 4-H is community service so the kids have done bake sales, helped run Clover Days booths at our local Tractor Supply and a variety of endeavors that our 4-H club and county does.

Causes that we are active in :
4-H- specifically Jackson County MO
Bull Terrier Club of America’s Rescue Trust- I have been the application coordinator for the Trust since 2004

So we decided that Momsandmes should contribute to causes that need help.
If any nonprofit would like to have a fundraiser than please contact us to work out the details.
We will list our current causes on our Blog so check back often.
Let’s help those that need help.

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