Marisa Brown Photography

Marisa loves to take pictures. She learned to do this as part of her 4-H photography project area.

She  primarily takes her photos with her iPhone 4s but will shoot with the family point and shoot camera.

She loves altering her photos with gimp and Photoshop elements 10.

She has had the honor of having her photo displayed at 2015 Mo state Fair in the 4-H Building.

She, on occasion, will make and design jewelry

P1030540shell and chain watermarkedjpeg

a shell necklace and earring set that Marisa designed and made

DSC01529marisa doing gimp demo 2014

Marisa doing her 2014 working demo on altering photos with Gimp

20150822_141602marisa shooting photos watermarked

Marisa taking photos at Bagnell Dam


P1030622mmarisa photo at mo state fair watermarked

Marisa’s picture of the St. Louis Arch displayed at the 2015 Mo state fair


All of Marisa's iPhone Photos 1899 copy

A tree study that Marisa shot

P1030485 Cutout

A planter photo that she altered using photo shop elements
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