Matt Brown Creations

Matt specializes in marbling things, leather work and greeting cards.

What is marbling or ebru? Marbling is a  printing technique that involves floating paint or ink on a substrate (thickened water or shaving foam). It began in Turkey in the middle ages as way of marking original documents and later decorating books. You only get 1 print which is why it is called a mono-print. Each and every piece is different even when the same colors and patterns are used

Matt learned to marble things as part of his 4-H project area (arts and crafts). He has been marbling things since 2012. He has marbled tee shirts, flour sack towels, wooden beads, leather and of course paper.  He discovered leather working this past year . He was invited to do his live demonstration on leather working  as part of 2014-2015 Missouri State Fair.

P1030618matt at the mo state fair 2015
Matt talking to  people as he is working at the Mo State fair. Note the carved panels on the table. He won blue ribbons on both of the panels at our local county fair.

a marbled leather coin purseP1030564 front of marble d coin purse watermarked

a marbled book markP1030545rnhance gold and green bookmark

P1030560marbled leather coaster watrmarked

a marbled leather round coaster

Matt does custom marbled  leather coasters – you choose the colors. He can do custom leather coin purses and other leather accessories.
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